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Three boats moored next to one another in a blue-water harbour

Five Reasons To Choose a Boating Holiday

Australia is blessed with an abundance of winding rivers and beautiful stretches of coastline. With gifts such as these, what better way is there to spend your time off than on a boating holiday, exploring all that these bodies of water have on offer.

If you’re unsure if a boating trip is for you, this list is designed to sway you in the right direction:

1. Boating allows you to bond with loved ones

Time away from the physical ties of land allows us to spend more quality time with loved ones. With limited phone reception and internet access, what better time to switch off and focus on those around you. Spend some time on deck learning the ropes, doing a spot of fishing or simply talking and enjoying the company.

2. Boating is affordable

Boating is often thought of as the domain of the wealthy. However, hiring a boat can actually be much cheaper than taking your family on a traditional package holiday. What’s more, if you decide to buy a boat, there are plenty of financing deals available that could make your purchase more affordable.

3. Boating is accessible

Boating is relatively easy to learn, particularly considering the increasing affordability and accessibility of water safety courses. It is an inclusive activity that most anyone can get involved in, regardless of age, gender or level of experience. All that’s required is an open mind and an openness to new and exciting experiences!

4. Boating is rewarding

Boating trips, whilst relaxing, are also incredibly rewarding. You can learn new skills, discover unknown areas and species of marine life and build a passion for water sports. Children in particular can develop skills such as snorkelling and fishing whilst spending time on the water.

5. Boating is an effective form of exercise

With so much to do on a boating holiday, you may find that all the physical activity helps to improve your overall health and fitness. From fishing and swimming to simply maintaining the boat, you’ll keep moving all holiday long without even feeling like you’re exercising.

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