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Father fishing with his children on a small boat at sunset

Adventure Tips for Fishing with Children

One of the most entertaining and easy ways of encouraging your children into the great outdoors is through fishing. Not only does this get them off the couch, but they also experience first-hand everything nature has to offer. Ensuring every fishing trip with your children is enjoyable and engaging, parents are best to exercise preparation. In this article, we share with you our top tips for fishing with children, helping you find the best ways to fish happily and safely with the little ones.

Let Patience Reign Supreme

One of the essential skills both you and your children need during fishing is patience. As you may know, fishing is a sport of endurance, and waiting is simply part of the enjoyment. Teaching your children this as early as possible will ensure they understand what to expect, and limit their desires to quit early. As a parent, you will be teaching them many new skills. You will also need to remain patient to help them master the fishing basics. From casting to handling fish, these skills are unlike what they learn in school, so you may need to explain them repeatedly.

Bring the Outdoor Essentials

Any parent would be remiss to forget the outdoor essentials. Every fishing kit should include a hat for both you and your children, easy to apply sunscreen, and weatherproof clothing. Depending on the time of year, you may need rain jackets and hooded tops, in case of a downfall. Life jackets are also essential for smaller children. Though you may not be taking to the water, as some fishing adventures may be from piers or wading, your child can quickly become submerged in the water.

Target Easy Fishing

Encouraging your children to keep coming back to fishing will involve showing them what is possible. If their first couple of experiences don’t yield any fish, it will become increasingly difficult to get them coming back for more. With research, find a populated fishing area, ideally with easy to catch fish, such as trout or panfish. Researching the best time of day for feeding will also help you lure them easily.

For more on how to encourage your child to fish, see our handy step-by-step article.

Start Slow and Short

While you may enjoy a full day of fishing, hours upon hours of quiet enjoyment, your children may not share the same feelings. Start slow with your fishing adventures, enjoying a couple of hours at a time before extending to the full day. Depending on their age, you may find their focus wane or need a nap, and accounting for these needs earlier in the experience is best.

Now that you’re prepared for what’s to come, all that’s left to do is load up the car with your fishing gear and get going. Are we there yet…?

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