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Shore Thing: Three Essential Tips for Beach Fishing

Recreational fishing is one of Australia’s most popular past times, and when combined with one of our other favourites – going to the beach – you’re on to a winning combination.

But beach fishing is more than just simply rocking up to the coast and dropping in a line.

Here are three simple tips that will ensure you can haul in a good catch and have a good time with the waves lapping at your feet – no boat needed!

Watch the Waves

Beach fishing is not as dangerous as rock fishing or boating, where you need to tread very carefully at all times.

But at the beach, the sea is still a danger, and its power must be respected at all times. It pays to check the weather forecast – including wind and swell information – and keep a good eye on the sea state.

Get Away From the Madding Crowds

While there’s no shortage of beaches in Australia and opportunities abound for throwing in a line just about everywhere, there are places it’s best to avoid.

While most beaches don’t have any rules against beach fishing, it’s wise to pick a spot away from any swimmers, surfers or water goers. Not only is it safer for you and them, but it’s also going to allow you to enjoy the water without anyone cramping your cast or worrying your lines.

Right Bait, Right Time

You can catch just about anything from the beach – but like with any fishing style you need the right bait and to be on line at the right time.

It’s always a good idea to check with the locals, whether it’s at a bait shop or an angling store, and get some advice on what’s working where.

Scan0024 by Ilkka Jukarainen licensed under Creative Commons 2.0

The tides and currents also play a major factor in what species of fish will come within reach of a beach fisher, so check carefully and make note of when the best times are.

But the adventure of angling is all about having a go. Some of the best beach fishing experiences can be had by simply casting in a line and seeing what happens.

And no matter what, you’re outside doing what you love.

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