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5 Top Fishing Spots in Australia

Looking for inspiration for your next fishing or boating adventure? Whether you’re a fresh-water fanatic or more susceptible to saltwater fishing, Australia has some of the best fishing spots on offer for every taste.

Cairns, Queensland

Have you been dreaming of catching yourself some black marlin? Cairns is believed to the world’s capital for this fancy fish. Home to multiple species of gamefish, Cairns is incredibly versatile when it comes to fishing expeditions. Here you can cast your line from the shore or travel out further on a boat and see what this area has on offer. Local fishing season runs from September to December.

Exmouth, Western Australia

Neighbour to the world’s largest fringing reef, Ningaloo Reef, Exmouth is a popular fishing destination due to its diverse sea life. Everything from tuna to whale sharks makes their home here, offering great deep-sea fishing opportunities. Not only does Exmouth boast a diverse range of fish, but it also contains multiple sightseeing opportunities and dazzling crystal waters.

Noosa by jipe7 licensed under Creative Commons 4.0

Noosa, Queensland

If boating isn’t your thing, in this case Noosa is a great choice for land-based fishermen. The Noosa River is 35km in length and home to both river bream and bass. As well as the river, there are numerous picturesque lakes in Noosa that provide an amazing location to fish.

Port Stephens, New South Wales

Famed for its game fishing, Port Stephens hosts the largest fishing tournament in the Southern hemisphere. Bream, kingfish and snapper are just some of the fish commonly found in this area and Port Stephens is home to many quieter bays and lakes that can be explored by boat.

Gippsland, Victoria

In terms of fishing diversity, Gippsland offers it all. From coastlines and rivers to lakes and estuaries, Gippsland offers multiple top fishing spots with beautiful scenic views. As an added bonus, due to the climate of Gippsland, fishing can be enjoyed here year-round.

So whether you’re a fresh or saltwater fisherman, if you prefer lakes, oceans or rivers with this guide you’ll find a boating location or embankment to suit your tastes.

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