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3 Great NSW Fishing Locations Along The North Coast

There are no more spectacular places in Australia than the NSW fishing locations along the northern coastlines. Here are three great spots for the adventure-seeking angler. Whether you’re fishing from the shore or from out on the water, these locations have something for every fisherman. Vantage points and available species from the novice to the seasoned enthusiast.


Just ninety minutes north of Coffs Harbour, or two-and-a-half hours drive south of Queensland’s Gold Coast, Yamba is one of the better-kept secrets for a northern N.S.W beach holiday. The committed angler can choose from the sandy beaches or rocks to the estuary or the banks of the Clarence River. Boats and kayaks are available for hire for venturing out further. Here you will find; flathead, jewfish, rock blackfish, bream, snapper, and blue groper among many other species.

The more adventurous anglers will love Yamba as it is known for its deep-sea fishing. Charters offer fishing expeditions in the Pacific. From which you can chase high-quality reef fish such as pearl perch and mulloway.


Another forty-five to sixty minutes drive south of Yamba is the serene village of Wooli. A strip of nature surrounded by the Yuraygir National Park, and the perfect gateway to the Solitary Islands Marine Park. The avid fisherman will love this spot that’s off-the-beaten-path! With the Wooli Wooli River on the western side and the Pacific Ocean to its east.

Secluded beaches, rocks, and inlets offer a myriad of places from which to cast a line. The river banks feature abundant wildlife such as kangaroos and emus for the adventure-loving fisherman to observe. There are also deep-sea expeditions available, in addition to beach and river angling. Be on the lookout for whiting, big flathead, trevally, and even the occasional mangrove jack, especially in the summer.

Wooli is often the destination for those seeking the ideal winter fishing escape. It is protected from the south and the west, giving rise to its own microclimate.

Bridge across the water connecting Forster & Tuncurry in NSW
Tuncurry, NSW


300 kilometres or three-and-a-half hours drive north of Sydney, Forster-Tuncurry’s twin towns are joined by a bridge that spans the water. It is one of the state’s favourite holiday destinations. The area’s Wallis Lake is 99 square metres. A large, shallow body of water brimming with bream and flathead. And with a wide variety of rock ledges and sandy stretches from which anglers can zero in on the perfect spot. From the rock platforms and the two breakwaters, you can catch mackerel, big kingfish, and bluefish tuna. The region offers both deep sea and estuary charters.

Seven Mile Beach to the south and Nine Mile Beach to the north are also within easy reach. These serene spaces provide many kilometres free of crowds and noise.

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