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Young couple leaning up against their caravan

Why Young People Love Caravanning

Over the years, caravans have become associated with one group of Australians more than any other, retirees. We’ve all heard plenty of jokes about ‘grey nomads’ touring the nation. You could be forgiven for thinking that caravanning doesn’t offer anything for young people – but you’d be wrong. In fact, caravan adventures are becoming more popular with younger Aussies every day. Here are just a few of the reasons why.

1. Logging off

How many of us are guilty of looking at Facebook when we wake up? Young people are online more often than ever, and a whole lot of them desperately want a break. By ditching their offices and smartphones for the great outdoors, younger Australians are getting a taste of how awesome real-life can be.

2. The adventure of a lifetime

The classic gap year trip to Europe can be pretty fun, but many young Aussies haven’t seen much of their own backyard. Especially those who grew up in big cities.
Australia has some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world, with everything from deserts to rainforests. Whether it be getting lost in one of Australia’s five hundred national parks, swimming with sharks, or seeing the outback for the first time, young people want to see what their country has to offer. When you factor in the cost of plane tickets and visas, it’s easy to see why young people would want to find adventure at home.

1954 Fairway caravan by sv1ambo licensed under Creative Commons 4.0

3. The simple life

Taking a break from regular household chores, the daily commute, and a busy lifestyle isn’t just attractive to older people. Caravanning gives young people a taste of the simple life – cooking by the fire, and living with only what you need. Couple that with the freedom of seeing Australia at your own pace, and you have a pretty intoxicating challenge for any young person.

While caravanning still makes for the perfect retirement adventure, it also offers plenty of excitement for younger travellers. Whether it’s with a group of friends or even solo, more and more young people are starting to hear the call of the open road.

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