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Camper Trailer Finance trailer set up at a campsite

Why Camper Trailers are Increasing in Popularity

Over the last few years, there’s been an increase in popularity of camper trailers vs. the traditional tent set up for Aussie campers. Considering all the benefits of owning your own trailer, we’re not surprised. If you’re not yet on board with this latest trend, let us tell you why you should be!

1. Camping Creature Comforts

For those who enjoy the idea of camping but aren’t so keen on sleeping on the rocky floor and missing out on creature comforts, camper trailers are perfect! They come fully equipped with a mattress lined sleeping space covered by sturdy canvas. Most camper trailers are also easier in terms of set up and pack down than traditional tents. Thereby removing the least fun aspect of any camping trip.

Different models of trailers come with different inclusions but popular options often include the following luxuries. Fridge & cooktop, meaning no lining up for the communal camp kitchen. Water pumps, tanks and accompanying sinks. Internal and external lighting plus a sturdy annexe floor (usually vinyl or similar). Finally, many models come equipped with stone guards to protect your trailer and accompanying vehicle from flying stones.

2. Go Where You Like

Traditional camping usually restricts you to areas that are often overcrowded with like-minded travellers and tourists. With your own camper trailer, you can stop and stay virtually anywhere you like. There are many different models of “off-road” camper trailers available. Meaning you can tow them to even the furthest corners of Australia. Built to last, these trailers can travel through deserts and across streams, anywhere your vehicle can tow them.

Head out on even the busiest of Australia’s long weekends with your camper trailer and find serenity in your own private space. The set up of a camper trailer provides you with additional privacy and security you don’t get with just a tent.

Camper trailer set up at a campsite

3. Storage, Storage, Storage

Camper trailers offer you the added bonus of extra packing space. Instead of trying to cram all your belongings in the vehicle with your passengers, pop them in the many hidden storage compartments within your trailer. You can even pack one less esky with most camper trailers being equipped with their own fridge.

Not only are camper trailers handy for storage, but they themselves are also super easy to store! More compact than a caravan you can easily store your trailer in the garage, carport, shed or any other covered area of your property without taking up too much space.

4. Easy to Tow

Most camper trailers are fairly lightweight and it’s easy to find one within your current vehicle’s towing capacity. For most vehicles with a tow bar, you should be able to pull one of these babies without an issue. Because of this, a camper trailer also offers better fuel consumption than having a full-size caravan in tow. Some trailers can even be towed by a smaller SUV or 2WD vehicle if you haven’t yet purchased that dream 4×4.

5. More Affordable Than You Think

You may think that with all these bells and whistles a camper trailer is simply out of your price range. However, camper trailers are actually much more affordable than you may believe. With so many incredible brands available in the camper trailer market, it’s easier now than ever to find one for less than you’ll pay for your next car. And certainly less than investing in a caravan.

To make the process even easier, there are handy financing options available for any camper trailer you may have your eye on. It’s best to speak to a specialist broker however as some second-hand campers can incur a higher interest rate when applying for a secured loan.

With 12 years’ specialist camper trailer financing experience, the friendly brokers at Camper Trailer Finance are always happy to lend a hand. They can help you find the best rate to finance your camper trailer and ensure the terms suit your needs. Give them a call today to get started on pre-approval.

So for your next camping trip, why not consider upgrading your kit to a standalone camper trailer. Much easier, quieter and more affordable than lugging endless kilos in other equipment that you’ve managed to tetris into your vehicle.

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