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Three Reasons to make Camping your New Year’s Resolution

Outdoor adventure enthusiasts rarely need encouragement to spend more time in the great outdoors. There’s nothing better than hitting the open road in your 4WD, discovering a new fishing spot or camping site. And with most Australian’s having time off toward the start of the new year, what better time to set out on your next adventure? If you’re not yet convinced, we’ve got 3 reasons why you should make camping more often your New Year’s resolution.

1 – To Disconnect from the Digital World

We are all so connected to our digital devices and that’s not likely to change anytime soon. As the world continues to move faster and technology advances, we will be expected to be even more connected and contactable 24/7. Many already place restrictions on when and where electronic devices can be used such as “no phones at the table” or “no laptops in the bedroom” to enable that buffer between yourselves and your families and the expectations of the outside world.

So why not consider your next camping trip a cushier buffer? When surrounded by the peaceful expanse of the outdoors you may even find yourself reaching for the devices less and less. Take the time to get out the camera instead of the camera phone and listen to music and great conversation around the campfire instead of streaming television.

2 – To Build Better Relationships

Camping connects you with your loved ones and with nature. It gives you the opportunity to stop and be mindful of the beauty in the world and in your own life. The stillness of the surrounding outdoors helps to affirm the life and personality of those you’re with. Spending time together, more often and with fewer distractions is a great way to build and strengthen relationships with your friends and family.

What better resolution than to enrich and create new relationships in your life?

3 – To Enjoy Unspoilt Destinations

4WD-ing and camping are not the secrets they once were. Nor are they now reserved for only those hardcore adventure enthusiasts. As camping has become more accessible, it has also become less secluded in many areas. We recommend getting out there and enjoying some adventure without another person in sight while you still can. The urban sprawl and residential developments also mean that some areas which were previously secluded, or home to great 4×4 tracks are now backyards, supermarkets and childcare centres, so take advantage of your favourite hidden camping spots and 4WD tracks while you can.

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Feature image Camp Vibes by likeshew licensed under Creative Commons 4.0


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