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Which Caravan or RV is Right For You?

You’re ready to take the plunge and make a purchase, with your eye on the endless journeys and adventures that lay ahead. Maybe it’s your first caravan or RV (recreational vehicle) or maybe it’s an upgrade. But which one is right for you? The good news is that there is a wide range on the market, from caravans, campervans, and motorhomes to tent trailers, pop-tops, and toy haulers. Here are some tips on which questions to ask, in determining the right model to fit your needs.

Determine Your Travel Requirements

Will your usage be for weekend trips or for long-term touring of months, even years at a time? Are you the off-road adventuring type or do you envisage family-friendly stays at caravan parks in tourist spots? How many does the caravan, or RV, need to sleep? Always important, of course, is your budget. And what is the towing capacity of your current vehicle?

Make a list, answer those questions and you’ve immediately narrowed the field in terms of what kind of caravan or RV to look for. To help make that decision, we’ve compiled a list of the most commonly chosen recreational vehicles and trailers.

For your towing capacity, there are many caravan expos and retailers Australia-wide that can assist. For more information check out our caravan towing and safety tips.

Classic Model Caravans

These are ideal for those travellers who follow the highways, stay overnight at caravan parks, and who prefer luxury-style living, with a double or queen-size bed included in the sleeping berths, a bathroom, kitchenette, lounge area, and ample storage. Models typically range from 11-25 ft.


Whilst these have interiors that are spacious and similar to the large, classic caravan models, pop-tops save on weight and fuel by featuring ‘pop-up’ canvas roofs that are packed down while the vehicle is travelling. This cuts out wind resistance and makes the towing easier. A popular choice for those who are not yet ready for the expense of the larger classic model caravan.

Camper Trailers

These have canvas walls and extendable tent sections that form the outer body of the camper. Most models feature multiple sleeping berths, kitchenette, and lounge area, however, the bathroom is not always included. Camper trailers are for those outdoor adventure lovers who are also looking to save on cash, fuel and space.

Camper trailer set up at a camp site.
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You can do away with the need for a towing vehicle with motorhomes, which combine trailer and truck into one. Most have the same internal living as the classic caravan, with the living space transforming into a bed, and like the classic caravan, the models come in a wide range of sizes. These are higher-priced, as they also contain a motor. Perfect for short and longer-term trips.


These might be vans converted to have sleeping and cooking facilities, or purpose-built vehicles with compartments and amenities that fold-out when not on the road. Campervans are an easy, affordable alternative for shorter-term trips and for campers who don’t want to be hauling and setting up tents every night at campsites.

Toy Haulers

Caravans designed to include a garage in which a motorbike or a jetski can be stored. These are higher-end models that are for the adventurous outdoor enthusiast.

Once you’ve decided on the right model for you, the open road awaits. For more tips and reviews on caravanning and camping, subscribe today to OneAdventure. For expert advice in choosing a camper trailer have a chat to our friends over at Stoney Creek Campers!


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