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Five Tips for Summer Camping Survival

Summer is one of the best times for camping holidays; with the nicer weather, combined with the time away from work, the warmer months appeal to campers of all adventure experience. However, summer camping can prove challenging, especially for first-timers, due to the nature of Australia’s harsh seasons. In this article, we share with you our five essential survival tips for embracing the heat. Ensuring your next camping trip is comfortable and relaxing.

Prioritise an Effective Cooling Device

The heat plays havoc with your food and drinks during your camping adventure. Food can spoil quickly, especially meat and dairy, causing those consuming it more than just a headache. Invest in an effective cooling device for your consumables. One that keeps the temperature regulated continuously, made especially for camping conditions.

Stock Up on Water

Dehydration is a common occurrence for a lot of campers, both novice and experienced. During the warmer months, make sure you arrange plenty of water supplies, bringing enough stock for every person in your group. Though you may find yourself near a location with water, it’s essential you have clean drinking water on hand at your campsite. Some water spots dry during the warmer months and being caught short is less than ideal.

Be Extra Sun Smart

Sunscreen isn’t enough when you’re camping in the middle of summer. Depending on your chosen campsite, you may have very little shade and shelter from the sun, particularly during the heat of the day. Invest in adequate shading for your campsite; options include a pop-up gazebo or an additional awning for your tent. Lightweight, long sleeve clothing is also a must, so you can simultaneously stay cool and avoid being sun affected.

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Bring a First Aid Kit

Anything can happen to you while you’re camping. From unwanted bug and insect bites to sprained ankles, preparation for any injuries or ailments during your camping adventure is critical. A well-stocked first-aid kit is imperative. Most professional kits come with basics such as Band-aids and bandages. However, you may wish to add your own additions, such as paracetamol or electrolyte sachets.

Check the Rules

Camping in summer does come with certain restrictions on how and where you camp, as well as the activities you can safely enjoy. As this time of year is prone to bush fires, you are best to familiarise yourself with camping regulations in your chosen area so you can be adequately prepared to camp safely.

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