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closeup of a catfish in green-blue water

Four Top Spots for a Fishing Weekend in Victoria

What do you look for in a fishing holiday? Maybe you’re looking for a chance to bond with the kids or the challenge of snagging catch of the day with old friends. Whether you’re heading out on your boat or pitching up by a river; Victoria offers some of the best fishing spots Australia has to offer.

We’ve put together a list of our favourite spots in Victoria to embark on a fishing weekend.

The Murray River

One thing is for sure, you won’t come home from a trip to the Murray River empty-handed. Head to Kings Billabong in Mildura or Barmah National Park and drop a line. These areas are filled with Murray Cod, Callop, Redfin and Catfish. With an array of fish on offer, the great thing about this Victorian fishing spot is that you can fish with almost any kind of bait!

However it’s important to note that the Catfish here are endangered and must be returned to the river if caught!

Mornington Peninsula

Travel down to the Devilbend Natural Features Reserve to reap the benefits of the biggest inland lake on Mornington Peninsula. Stocked with estuary perch, brown and rainbow trout, this is a great spot for a weekend of fishing. A weekend on this lake also provides a great opportunity for some nature spotting. With both shorebirds and water birds flocking to this area.

Gone fishing … by 3B’s licensed under Creative Commons 2.0

Albert Park

If you don’t quite want to venture out of the city, Albert Park is a great local place full of fishing opportunities. In fact, over 15,000 silver perch were recently re-stocked to the lake, joining the schools of golden and estuary perch. With catches regularly surpassing the 5-kilo mark, in short, a day of fishing at Albert Park makes for a great family adventure.

Western Port

The shallow waters of Western Port are home to the renowned King George whiting. The fight given up on the line by this catch for instance will make the unique and delicate flavour even more rewarding. Western Port is most fruitful in late spring through autumn. Remember to fish with squid, mussels and pipis as bait for the best results!

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