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Packed belongings for a camping trip. Kettle, thermos and fire safety equipment.

The Beginner’s Camping Check List

Camping is one of those hobbies that can never really be perfected. By its very nature, camping involves opening yourself up to wild and unpredictable conditions. There are also countless options which depend on your personal preference, do you like using a tent or a caravan? Will you be sticking inland or heading seaward for some boating? Are you hoping to trek with a 4WD or make your way out for a hiking excursion? No matter your preference, there are a few primary items that should be ticked off every Australian camping check list.


Let’s start with the basics, new campers are often shocked by just how little light there is out in the wilderness. Ensure that you bring good quality electric lights to guarantee you can find your way to the loo and back. Personally, we love headlamps, they use LED, last for ages and are easily portable. The best part is that you don’t have to put them down to use your hands. It’s also a good idea to have a lamp or mounted lights to illuminate your general campsite.


Australia is well known for its intense heat, and there’s nothing worse than trying to drink hot water. In order to make sure your water supplies don’t overheat, try filling large plastic bottles with water and freezing them before your trip. Make sure you bring plenty of it!

First Aid Kit

First Aid supplies are an absolute must for any Australian camping check list. Being out in the middle of nowhere can result in accidents, hazards, bumps and scrapes. Always ensure to bring a decently stocked first aid kit with the necessities for smaller and more likely medical issues. Along with this kit, pack a high factor sunscreen – one of the most dangerous things you can do is to underestimate the Australian sun!

Insect Repellant

This is a biggy, especially when camping in Australia. Even more so if you plan on boating or are near a body of water. Keep the bugs away with sprays and citronella candles or you’re likely to not have the most comfortable camping experience.

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