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Approaching a bend on an offroad trail in Tasmania

Don’t Miss These Top Off-Road Tracks in Tasmania

Famous for its rolling peaks and rugged landscape, Tasmania is rich in off-road tracks to explore. From rainforests to beaches, around one-third of Australia’s most southern state is made up of national parks, making it ripe for all kinds of 4WD pursuits.

Whether you’re looking to challenge your 4WD, or just looking to explore the wilderness, these are our top three tracks in Tassie:

Bruny Island

Bruny Island offers a slightly less demanding trail for newer drivers seeking adventure. A visit to these off-road tracks in Tasmania provides travellers with breathtaking views. Immense cliffs and lengthy white beaches have made the island, situated just a stone’s throw from Tasmania’s south-eastern shore, famous.

With many of Bruny Island’s tracks being perfectly accessible on a 2WD, most of the trails, therefore, make for an undaunting 4WD experience. Drive the 18KM track from Adventure Bay to Cloudy Bay Road. And during the trip, check out the rainforest walks, wild camping and unparalleled scenery.

Ocean Beach

Traverse Australia’s longest beach via Tasmania’s most western point. This stunning coastline presents the chance to indulge in a little wildlife spotting. Sea lions, seals and seabirds, for example, often frequent these beaches. Those on 4WD excursion might also take the opportunity to dabble in some fishing. With trout, squid and salmon all being popular catches on the island.

Newer drivers might want to steer clear of the mouth of the Henty River, where quicksand has notoriously claimed the occasional vehicle in recent years. It’s also worth noting that those driving to the tide should consider venturing out with an accompanying vehicle and plan the timing of the trip well.

Arial view of a 4WD driving across a beach, in the water

The Wellington Park Fire Trails

Drivers seeking a greater sense of adventure often flock to this off-road track for far-reaching views of the Tasmanian landscape. Summer is the ideal time to take on this track with a drier trail and less erosion creating easier access. The trails in this area are known to be difficult with steep climbs and occasionally muddy terrain. We advise you call ahead as there are gates to access many of the tracks. This way you can arrange to collect a key from Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Services. You can drive the Jefferys Track without a permit. But it is also popular with hikers, horse-riders and cyclists, so we recommend the East-West Trail to test the limits of what your 4WD can do.

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