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Convoy of offroad vehicles driving down a dirt track

Everything You Need to Know Before an Off-Road Adventure

Setting out on a road trip is a great way to explore our expansive country and get a little time away from the city. Made even better when you throw a little 4WDing in the mix. These tough-built vehicles glide comfortably down highways but really release their full potential when you take them off-road. Challenging your vehicle and your own driving skills is all part of taking your four-wheel drive off track but the concept can be a little intimidating for off roading beginners.

So here’s what you need to know before embarking on your first off-road expedition:

1. There’s Safety in Numbers

The adrenaline buzz from off-roading can be like no other, but when you get swept up in the adventure it can be extremely easy to forget your surroundings. The most important part of a beginners off-roading trip is making sure everyone gets home safely. A great way to do this is to travel in groups with at least 2 vehicles in your party. This way you have someone to provide support if things aren’t going to plan and you have more access to the outside world should something go wrong.

2. Maps Are Essential

Planning your route ahead of time is key to preventing you and your friends from getting lost in the wilderness. It also helps to ensure your journey includes tracks for off roading beginners, or your relative skill level. You can also map tracks to include incredible views that might otherwise be missed. The best ways to navigate through outback terrain once on your desired route is by driving with an off-road GPS and keeping paper maps handy to reduce the guesswork in more remote areas.

3. Adaptation is Key

All off-road drivers need to understand the importance of adapting to varying conditions and how to do it well. Travelling over sand, mud, rocks and even through water each presents their own unique challenge and required skillset. When traversing over mud, for instance, you need to consider the depth of the mud and how far you need to travel. Keep in mind how this might affect your air pressure and traction.

Water fording can also be particularly challenging, even for experienced off-road drivers. Ensure to measure the depth of the water before entering and if you don’t have the required equipment to cross, consider another way around. When planning your route keep water crossings in mind to prevent surprise encounters and read up on how to travel through water before giving it a go.

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